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End Users are not always Techie

The Solutions we develop are not always used by IT people, hence the project we work are developed in such a way that even a non IT professional could easily use the solutions. We have experience of working with various industry including Hospitals, Healthcare, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals.

Our in-house SaaS / IaaS solutions we developed are for varied industries including Automobile, Hospital, Healthcare, FMCG, FMHG, Medical Devices Industries, Retail, etc.

Custom Application Development

  • UX Design based on Customer Journey Mapping
  • Project Consultancy and Software Development for your Digital Roadmap
  • Team of Software Engineers from various backgrounds to deliver project as per need
  • Android & iOS Capability for mobility applications
  • Training and Documented Handover for smooth transition

Patient Management Solution

  • A Unique Platform for Doctors & Patients to go Digital and keep a track of Healthcare Records (EHR), Online Video Consulting, Digital Prescription, Etc
  • Cloud Based Platform which can be accessed anywhere
  • Compliant with various regulations
  • Payment Gateway Included for Doctors to Bill their Patients and calculate billing
  • Access to global learning in the form of Knowledge Center

Live Webcasting

  • Interactive Platform for Online Live Webinars
  • Secured Platform for highest level of data protection
  • Built on best in class technology
  • Integrated EMail & SMS API for marketing campaign
  • Webinar Repository for Live and Pre-recorded videos

CRM Solution

  • HIPAA Compliant CRM Solution for Customer Relationshiop Management
  • Integrated with Voice Dialing Process for Call Center Set-up
  • Real Time Analytics for ROI Calculations
  • Robust Platform for Customize Deployment as per client need
  • Secured

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